Snowplow JavaScript Tracker 2.17.0 - with cookieless tracking

We’re pleased to announce the Snowplow JavaScript Tracker version 2.17.0!

This release includes support for the new cookieless tracking now available in the Stream Collector v2.1.0 announced yesterday.

This builds on our earlier support that allowed for client side anonymisation using the anonymous tracking features. From 2.17.0, the JavaScript tracker will also be able to inform the collector if it should return a cookie and capture the users IP address.

Note: You must be using Stream Collector 2.1.0 or above, for the server side anonymisation of the Snowplow JavaScript Tracker 2.17.0 to work or events will fail to send whilst in the server side anonymisation mode.

When initialising the tracker, you can enable it:

snowplow("newTracker", "sp", "{{collector_url_here}}", {
  appId: "my-app",
  stateStorageStrategy: "none",
  anonymousTracking: { withServerAnonymisation: true }
  contexts: {
    webPage: true,

Then you can turn it off and start tracking user information (e.g. when a user accepts a cookie banner):

snowplow('disableAnonymousTracking', 'cookieAndLocalStorage');

You can also turn it back on later if required:

snowplow('enableAnonymousTracking', { withServerAnonymisation: true });

Upgrade steps
You can find the latest release on GitHub:

You can also find the assets on the jsDelivr and cdnjs CDNs:

The Snowplow CDN for JavaScript Assets will be decommissioned on the 31st January. Please upgrade to jsDelivr, cdnjs or to self-hosting (preferred) the JavaScript Tracker.

Add support for SP-Anonymous HTTP Header on all requests (#842)
Improve test coverage (#861)
Ensure tracker emits tv that matches version in package.json (#850)
Bump snowplow-micro to 1.1.0 (#876)
Add macOS 11 Big Sur and Safari 14 to Saucelabs tests (#875)
Pin Github Actions to ubuntu-20.04 (#858)
Upgrade typescript to 4.1 (#870)
Bump ava to 3.13 (#869)
Bump tslib to 2.0.3 (#868)
Bump rollup to 2.34 (#867)
Bump babel to 7.12 (#866)
Bump Jest to 26.6.3 (#865)
Upgrade WebDriverIO to 6.10 (#864)
Upgrade saucelabs to 4.6.0 (#863)
Bump ChromeDriver to 87.0.0 (#862)
Bump ini to 1.3.8 (#878)


You can now read more about how to configure cookieless tracking in our latest blog post: How to leverage cookieless and anonymous tracking with Snowplow | Snowplow