Mobile tag management system

Hi Snowplower,
On Web tagging implementation, we followed this tutorial and it works perfect:

However, I didn’t see any tutorials on GTM + Snowplow for mobile event tracking. Does that mean we can only use Snowplow native iOS/Android SDK for tagging? I still want to use tag management system like GTM for decoupling.

Thank you

You can still use GTM on mobile depending on how your app has been implemented. If you have a native implementation on iOS / Android then you’ll need some methods that extend CustomTagProvider that then use the Snowplow Android / Objective-C trackers under the hood.

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Thank you for the reply, in this case, do you recommend using data layer + GTM as web or using native Snowplow SDK?
The reason I am trying to keep GTM for mobile is simply because our mobile app has frequent changes and I don’t want to keep track of all event triggers. GTM saved lots of trouble for us on web.

You’ll need to use the Snowplow SDK either way (even if it’s with a GTM container). The newer versions of GTM for mobile are more Firebase focused so there’s no correct answer here but I’d be tempted to just go with a direct mobile implementation rather than use GTM.