Snowplow GTM Web With GTM Server Side

Hey everybody,

It’s pretty clear to me how to use the Snowplo GTMw Client and Snowplow Server GTM Tag.

However what is not clear to me is how I can use the Snowplow WEB GTM tags, to forward events to my GTM Server Container, so that I can then forward the events from the server into my snowplow collector.

Does anybody have an answer or idea on how to do this?

Install the Snowplow sGTM client: GitHub - snowplow/snowplow-gtm-server-side-client: A Google Tag Manager Server-side Client template for collecting events using the Snowplow JavaScript Tracker, then change the endpoint url in your snowplow web configuration to the client url (by the default the same path as the default web, only with the sGTM domain). Then you can have Snowplow tags inside sGTM that proxy your requests to the ‘real’ SP endpoint. So that is really straightforward.

However in this case you should not ask for the “how” but for the “why”. When we did this a while ago we realized that sGTM does add nothing you can’t have cheaper another way, did not reduce load in the frontend (not if you use the Snowplow javascript tracker anyway) and adds additional work and cost for maintenance and running a cloud instance with sGTM. You only really profit from this if this is the only way to set your tracker endpoint to a first party url. At the very least you should also ru n your marketing tags on the data from the Snowplow client, else you just add complexity without any benefit.


Hi @Eike_Pierstorff thanks so much for your prompt response!

In our case we are using snowcatcloud.

Eventhough we will be proxying it on our domain with workers, we still depend on the tracker being loaded right. There might still be a small % chance that the tracker doesn’t load or gets detected by sophisticated ad blockers.

So I just figured that if we first send the events to our own SGTM, and then forward to Snowplow this can be reduced.

Just for reference btw I did an experiment, with where we had two segment instances, one from Server side GTM, and one on the Web GTM with segment tracker reverse proxied.

We saw a slight disrapancy, where we received roughly 5% on average or so more events and page view events on the SGTM.