Server Side Tag Management

Hello. I’ve just signed up for Try Snowplow. I see it’s very easy to set up client-side web tracking using the JavaScript tracker, however it’s unclear to me if it’s possible to set up server-side tracking (similar to this approach). Is this possible, or is upgrading to Insights required?
As you can tell I’m quite new to Snowplow and even server-side tracking. Any guides or documentation you can direct me towards would be appreciated. Thanks!

@Laura_Henn, are you specifically interested in implementation via tag management or it is just server side tracking? Snowplow offers a bundle of various server side trackers the docs for which could be found here.

Hi @Laura_Henn! As pointed out in the article you linked, there is a difference between server side tracking and server side tag management. If you want to track server side, you’ll want to take a look at our server side trackers (@ihor linked to the docs for those). If you want to use server side GTM, you should be able to follow the guide and send the events to your Try Snowplow pipeline, it can accept any events an Insights pipeline can! More information on the differences between Try and Insights can be found here.

You might also want to check out the Snowplow GTM custom template as well as the Snowplow GA plugin if you are looking to send events from Google Tag Manager to Try Snowplow.

Let us know if you continue having issues with setting up tracking, we are happy to help!

Thanks :slight_smile: Yes you’re right I should have been more specific. I am interested in server side tag management rather than server side tracking. I’ll take a look at the resources and will let you know when I have follow up questions.

Hey @Laura_Henn
It sounds like you’re interesting in GTM Server Side tagging, which is something we’ve been pondering for a little while now but we haven’t made any decisions yet so haven’t built anything specific yet. I’d be curious to know more about your use case if you could spare a little time.

I’ve just published an RFC (Request for comment) which I’d love to hear your thoughts on if you have the time: RFC: Google Tag Manager Server Side and Snowplow

Hi @PaulBoocock,
Sorry I completely missed this response, but I did recently see the RFC you created - thanks! I posted in it just now with the place that I’m at with server-side tagging and where I’m stuck. Happy to continue the conversation.