Tag Management: GTM Alternatives


we are thinking of moving away from Google Tag Manager. The focus on Google regarding GDPR and privacy issues are one reason. Also GTM is blocked by so many privacy blockers, that some of the benefits of running our own Snowplow pipeline are mitigated.

In an ideal world, integrating Snowplow natively would be the preferred option. However we are a very small team and this would probably create way to much overhead and also would slowing down our development process quite a bit.

What are the options out there? What tag management systems are you using? Preferably it would be an open source alternative, but the market seems to be very limited.

Some things that are in my bookmarks list:

https://getanalytics.io/ (Not sure if it replaces a tag manager)
https://iterative.ly/ (Not sure if it replaces a tag manager)
https://matomo.org/free-tag-manager/ (I’m not sure if this can be used without Matomo?)

Other obvious players in the market:



we have some experience with: Matomo tag manager, Adobe Launch and Tealium (and GTM ofcourse)

You can use Matomo Tag manager without using matomo, but you still have to install the whole matomo on your server and then activate tag manager functionality. This tag manager is quite simple, but functional.

Adobe and tealium age offer much more features, but they cost a lot.

There are many other solutions:

But most of them is just a part of some analytics solution. It would be great to have opensource tag manager.

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Just to add alongside @Jiri_Stepan’s great answer - we know the Iteratively team and they have an integration with Snowplow (which makes things simpler). I’ve pinged them on our shared Slack about this thread!

@alex, thanks for the ping!

:wave: @volderette I’m one of the co-founders of Iteratively. We do have an integration with Snowplow and act as a replacement for GTM. We’ve helped quite a few companies make this switch recently. Our goal is to help make analytics more collaborative and integrated into your SDLC. You can learn more about the integration by viewing our blogpost or docs. I’m happy to answer any questions that you might have here or ping me directly at patrick@iterative.ly.

Thanks @alex for connecting. I will reach out via email @Patrick_Thompson

@Jiri_Stepan: Thank you! Yes, an open source solution would be great. I believe there was 7tag, which got integrated in Piwik at some point.

Installing matomo for the tag manager seams like a lot of overhead.