IAB enrichment | Snowplow Documentation

Is it free to implemet it??

Its free from Snowplow technology point of view, and is included as part of Snowplow BDP (our commercial product). However, Snowplow OS users need to obtain a license from the IAB for the files.

This link describes the process: IAB Tech Lab which involves signing an agreement and paying the fee to the IAB (I have no visibility into the current costs, but if you contact IAB they will be able to tell you).

Thanks for your prompt reply. I saw their fee is 5000 dollars per year, which is irrelevant for us, as we are a really small company. I wrote them anyway.

Do you know of another less pricy solution or free bots ip address list?
I’ll try to implement the reCaptcha V3, but it won’t help me clean prior data.


The YAUAA enrichment also identifies bots via the useragent.

You can also handle it in modeling using your own logic.