reCAPTCHA Javascript v3 enrichment - Beat bothersome bots behaving boisterously better

Bothersome bots bedevilling analytics can be bamboozling. The IAB bots and spiders enrichment can help blockade basic bot bombardments but beyond these broken signals of browser features (useragent) and broadcast information (IP address) things breakdown. But beware, bots have begun to beat these barriers with bogus bypasses to browse, break or bias analytics beggaring belief.

Behind our new brainstorming initiative we’ve begun to build a brand new best-in-breed Javascript plugin bunched with a befitting enrichment. This browser plugin benefits from reCAPTCHA tokens (on the frontend) and bubble up breakneck bot scoring on the backend (during enrichment). Best of all - it can be bound to some or all batched behavioural events at no burden to the user or ballooning beacon requests. Because of this you can breakdown bot behaviour and breathe easy believing that you aren’t bamboozling users to banal labour to spot bicycles and buses. Brilliant!

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This is a super cool solution thanks Mike!

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