IAB enrichment - ipFile


Looking at the IAB they provide 2 DBs, Browser, and Spider and Robots, their sample download is a good paired back example of what the subscription provides.

I’ve noted that in the Snowplow enrichment documentation there is a database called “ip_exclude_current_cidr.txt” which isn’t something the IAB provide.

Is the ip_exclude_current_cidr.txt something I’d create based on known IP addresses that i know are bots? If so providing a DB can be found by the configuration schema is it Ok to upload a blank ip_exclude_current_cidr.txt?

and if not, then where do I get this DB?


You can use a blank file - but the IAB provide their own ip_exclude_current_cidr.txt file which contains the IP CIDRs to exclude when you purchase a license. It may be that the sample just doesn’t include that file.

If you are a BDP customer you’ll have access to this data for free as part of your pipeline.

Thanks for the reply @mike

As an IAB member looking in the IAB FTP there is no IP file, I only see valid browser and Spider & Bot.

I have some recollection that by subscribing to IAB, you get the ABC IP Exclusion list which is what this IP Restriction list actually is, so perhaps IAB don’t offer a sample because its technically not their file but just part of their subscription?

We are currently a subscriber, I’ll ask IAB and provide the answer here.

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I’m getting one sentence answers from IAB “ABC is a subscription separate from our subscription”; they do not appear to offer the 3rd DB in the enricher namely, ip_exclude_current_cidr.txt (ABC IP Exclusion list).

Although I found this link which lists IAB subscribers get ABC exclusion list.

Yeah - that seems strange, and a bit of a pain if you have to subscribe to ABC directly just to get the IP exclusion list. The IAB Europe subscription seems to strongly suggest that it includes the ABC IP exclusion list as “in collaboration with the ABC”. It seems weird not to honour this.