Ip_lookup enrichment in Snowlplow mini

I am trying to run our Snowplow mini with the same enrichments as in the production pipeline. However, when adding our ip_lookup.json config with the location of our MaxMindDB S3 bucket, the stream-enrich-nsq in Snowplow mini fails to start (stuck in restarting). I am not sure if this could be a permission issue w.r.t. access to the S3 bucket, but even if I make the DB public, it doesn’t work. I am not sure where to find error logs for this.

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Is this still valid for version 0.13.5? Even if we have the DB in our own bucket?

It used to be enabled by default with the public db however we had to disable that with the MaxMind policy change, as I’m alluding to in the above message.

I’m pretty sure that it can be enabled now (I’ll admit I haven’t tested this recently but it’s enable for Snowplow BDP customers so it must be possible). It should be able to be manually switched on though by uploading the enrichment json in to your mini instance, however your Mini would need to be able to access the db files (either on your machine, by allowing your ip to access the remote file, using Snowplow Mini in a cloud instance that has permissions to access the files).

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