Https with scala collector on docker

Hello all,
I have the scala stream collector running via docker on a self-hosted server, and it’s collecting events fine via http. However, via https the browser sees the error “failed (net)::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED”.

How can I get the collector to receive input via https? I’d like to keep this setup confined to the same server that I’m running the stream collector docker container on. The collector is feeding data into kafka, so it is a real-time pipeline. The collector url is a subdomain of a domain name that has an active SSL certificate.


Hi @rob - the Scala Stream Collector doesn’t have built-in TLS support. If you can’t put your SSC(s) behind something like an Amazon Elastic Load Balancer, then use something like Caddy on the same box:

This is what the next release of Snowplow Mini is doing:

Thanks @alex, I was able to use caddy to get https working.