Using SSL with Scala Collector on Docker

I’m trying to set up HTTPS for my Scala Stream Collector.
I am running it from a Docker Compose file that puts together the Iglu Server, the Scala Stream Collector and the Stream Enrich.
To solve this problem, should I set up an additional container with Nginx and Let’sEncrypt or something like that?

I checked the above link, but it’s specific to the Clojure Collector, which I’m not using.

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Hi @Alexandre_Rayes in the upcoming R117 release there is actually first class support for setting up a TLS port for the collector coming.

This is still not a final image however so in the meantime you can either setup a proxy in-front of the Collector with NGINX or terminate TLS outside of the server with a Load Balancer on AWS / GCP (this is how we currently set the collector up internally). The RC shouldn’t change but we always recommend to use the latest stable released version!