Sending events to the collector via HTTPS

I am currently using the python, iOS and Android trackers to send “unstruct” events to a scala stream collector server side with our inbuilt schema intact. In the middle of this process I have a load balancer at the end point address that point to my collector.

Has any one tried doing this through https? What config changes did you make or what did you implement to ensure that event traffic is going through the internet in an encrypted state?

Thank you for your help.

Hi @brucey31 - yes that will work fine. You can attach a TLS certificate to your load balancer, terminate the HTTPS there and route the traffic on as HTTP to your Scala Steam Collectors. This works fine with AWS Elastic Load Balancers.

Thank you for your help I with this

What I was not doing was adding the https protocol when creating the emitter

e = Emitter("{endpoint}", port=443, protocol="https")
t = Tracker(e, app_id=app_id, encode_base64=True)

Thank you