How we can override platform web to other value

Hello There,

I am trying to set the platform: lg in my web GTM, and this change I can see in the collector log but when I am trying to see in the shredded log, platform is coming as web. so can I override the paltform value according to my business need.

<script type="text/javascript">
  console.log("Platform: "+'{{platform}}');
window.snowplow('newTracker', 'cf', '', { 
  appId: 'APP_ID',
  cookieDomain: '',
  platform: '{{platform}}'// gtm variable {{platform}}=lg or sm or xs 
var adId = '{{ad-id}}';
  if(adId != "undefined") {
window.snowplow('trackStructEvent', 'PageView', 'Ad Details', 'Ad Id', '{{ad-id}}', '0.0');

so this is my GTM tag I am overriding the platform but still in DB platform is coming as web.
so can you suggest me how I can override the platform

Hi @birju1100,

platform values are fixed right now. But there is a ticket to allow arbitrary values:


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Thanks @christoph-buente ,

But some how I have to store some custom value in platform to distinguish our source system platform,
is there any alternative column which I can override with platform value.
and what are the field I can override pageview events.

You could attach a custom context to your pageView event, which contains a JSON object with a single key/value pair like this:

{schema: "Your custom schema", data: {platform: "email"}}

And then later down your data pipeline, you need to make sure to read that information. See the iglu schema definition to make sure your schema matches your data.