Everytime I am refreshing page I am getting new domain_userid

I am using Scala stream collector and stream enricher and created simple jsp page with javascript tracker but everytime I am refreshing my page I am getting new domain_userid.

How to solve this problem.Cookies are enabled in my browser.

Hi @vinayakfutak,

After page view event, do you have _sp_ses cookie? Do you reset sessions somehow (with tracker command or by removing cookie)? Have you modified the code? Is url/path consistent between page views?

not sure if this works with mini but this is what i use

@mjensen, I think @vinayafutak is experiencing cookie value reset, not troubles extracting the value.

What’s the SP tracker url and what’s the page url? Do they share a domain? Are you going by ip address? Are any other cookies stick around for more than one page load?

As mentioned above this is typically caused if the cookie is not being set correctly. What are the parameters you have for your Javascript tracker initialisation?