New domain_sessionid being generated for each page_view event


I am using the Javascript Tracker. My understanding is that a new domain_sessionid is created for a visitor every 30 minutes (source), but every time I refresh a page (or for every page_view event), a new domain_sessionid is being sent by the tracker.

While on the same page, events such as page_ping, unstruct etc use the same domain_sessionid that was created when the page was loaded.

How can I maintain the same domain_sessionid for 30 minutes?

It looks like not storing local user information in cookie/browser storage. Please verify cookie domain and cookie path you set in constructor.

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Hi @grzegorzewald

I have set the cookie domain and I have not set the cookie path. I think the snowplow session cookies should be set by default by the JS tracker. In the default case, their names are “_sp_id” and “_sp_ses” respectively.

I also checked document.cookie and did not see anything set by the name of _sp_id or _sp_ses
What am I missing here?

You should only need to set the cookie domain according to the URL you’re requesting from and it should work fine. Can you post your initialisation?


window.snowplow('newTracker', 'cf', '', { // Initialise a tracker
      appId: 'popxo-web',
      cookieDomain: '',

Your production site is using version 2.5.1 of the Javascript tracker which is a few years old. You should use the latest version (2.8.2) either self hosted or via Cloudfront and I suspect that will fix the problem.

HI @mike
I tried that in my dev environment. Did not fix the problem

What’s the URL of the site in dev?



I changed the cookie domain in my local environment and it works. Thanks a lot Mike :slight_smile:

If you’re testing locally you’ll need to set the cookieDomain to that then.

Note you should use as cookie domain rather than