Error/crash logging

Anyone using Snowplow as a replacement for Sentry or the like? I see some Snowplow tracker SDK’s handle exception logging, but haven’t found much more info on this topic.

Hey @joshhopkins,

Currently the only trackers that have exception tracking are the Android and Javascript SDKs. You can read more about the support in these release posts:


Thanks @josh. Is the plan to bring exception tracking to all trackers eventually, or has it fallen outside Snowplows scope?

Hi @joshhopkins - yes, we plan on adding crash tracking to other trackers in the future.

Of course, there are many dedicated error-tracking tools out there, such as Sentry, Airbrake and Raygun. These tools normally have good integrations into developer workflows like GitHub or Bamboo, and include some specific enrichments that make it easier to view and diagnose error reports (see e.g. Scala Common Enrich: add dSYM lookup enrichment #2733).

However, we believe that tracking errors and exceptions is best done as part of your unified event stream, because it’s hugely valuable to see all of your the errors in the context of all of your non-error events, and these won’t be available in your error-tracking tool.

Good to hear – my thoughts exactly.