Snowplow Android Tracker 1.5.0 released

We are pleased to announce Snowplow Android Tracker 1.5.0

This new release introduces improvements in the event management avoiding duplication of event ID when the same event object is reused multiple times. Also it lets to track DiagnosticErrors (if enabled) in case the tracker is unable to process an event correctly.

  • Deprecate onlyTrackLabelledScreens option (#401)
  • Fix importing of kotlin on gradle (#396)
  • Fix duplication of contexts when the event is used multiple times (#397)
  • Background threads don’t report exceptions (#394)
  • CI script improvements (#387)
  • Renew event ID when event object is reused (#390)
  • Add snyk monitoring to repository (#388)
  • Events processing refactoring (#381)
  • Bump Gradle to 6.1.1 (#386)
  • Add code coverage setting on build script (#385)
  • Update all copyright notices to 2020 (#383)
  • Switch README badge to use Github Actions for build information (#380)

1.5.0 is available on Bintray .

The project’s source code can be found here.

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