Snowplow iOS Tracker 1.4.0 released

We are pleased to announce Snowplow iOS Tracker 1.4.0

This release introduces a few improvements and bug-fixes. In particular:

  • it has been improved the event management avoiding event ID duplication (and contexts duplication) reusing the same event object;
  • it has been added the true timestamp (custom timestamp set by the developer) along with the compatibility with the payload_data schema version 1.0.4, already available on Android;
  • it’s now possible to use a single track method for all the events, like on Android.


  • Validate EventData in Unstructured events (#526)
  • Fix url percent escaping (#525)
  • Fix contexts duplication (#524)
  • Add method for setting true timestamp (#276)
  • Renew event ID when event object is reused (#521)
  • Move from Travis CI to GitHub Actions (#517)
  • Add unified track method for all the events (#518)

1.4.0 is available on Cocoapods.

The project’s source code can be found here.

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