Snowplow Scala Tracker 0.5.0 release

We’re hugely excited to announce version 0.5.0 of the Snowplow Scala Tracker!

This release bring plenty of new features, such as ecommerce event tracking, Google Cloud Compute Engine context, a new trackError method and callbacks that make easy to track if collector is receiving your events.

Many thanks to the team at long-standing Snowplow corporate contributors LiveIntent for their huge contributions to this release.

Read below to learn more about new features.

Ecommerce events

Thanks to @christoph-buente of LiveIntent, Scala Tracker now has following new tracking methods:

  • trackAddToCart
  • trackRemoveFromCart
  • trackTransaction
  • trackTransactionItem

All methods have signatures compatible with other Snowplow trackers.


Now your Scala applications are able to notify DevOps that Snowplow collector for some reasons does not accept events. This can be done using emitter callbacks.


Another new resilience-related feature is the trackError method - another LiveIntent contribution, this time from Ander Parra. This lets you track errors in your application (as opposed to callbacks that used to catch errors in tracker-collector themselves), so you could find out what components of your application fail more often. trackError receives a JVM Throwable and turns it into iglu:com.snowplowanalytics.snowplow/application_error/jsonschema/1-0-1 event as our Android and JavaScript trackers do.

val result = try {
} catch {
  case scala.util.control.NonFatal(e) =>

Google Cloud Compute Engine context

As Snowplow gradually moving towards GCP support, we decided to implement instance metadata context that will allow us to join pipeline execution steps with instance metadata.


Hi @anton,

really excited to see the contributions being released. But it was not me alone! And most importantly the contributions have been possible because LiveIntent allows us to do these contributions to the snowplow stack during our working hours. I think this should be honoured in the release notes.


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Nice work @christoph-buente and @anton!

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Sure thing @christoph-buente - I’ve made some updates to @anton’s original post, and the GitHub release entry, to recognize LiveIntent’s major role in all this. Thanks again!

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