Elasticsearch Version Support

Hi, beginner to Snowplow but loving it so far.

I’m using the stream collector/enricher, AWS kinesis, and AWS Elasticsearch. I setup Elasticsearch using the following guide: https://github.com/snowplow/snowplow/wiki/elasticsearch-loader-setup

The guide states: “First off, install and set up Elasticsearch version 5.x or 2.x.x. For more information check out the installation guide.”.

A side note, the “installation guide” link is broken but not sure where it should go to. More importantly, are those truly the only supported Elasticsearch versions? I’ve got it working on 5.x, but Kibana is pretty bad and missing features. I see snowplow mini using version 6.3.1 of Kibana, so likely using 6.3 of Elasticsearch?

Do you foresee any issues with using 6.x or even 7.x?


@pcb, the latest ES version we use with our Insights clients is 6.7.

Awesome, thanks ihor! Giving it a shot now.

Success. Required no modification of any settings to get it working with 6.7.

Thanks again ihor.