ElasticSearch Version compat

Hey everyone!

We run a real time pipeline that sinks into ElasticSearch at the end. It works great and provides a frankly amazing analytics experience. Seriously, thank you to everyone for all the hard work you’ve put into this.

We’ve been sat on ElasticSearch 2.3 for about 4 years and finally need to update it for a ton of reasons I won’t bore you with.

I’ve found plenty of references to ES 5.x compatibility but not many references outside of a single forum discussion about 6.x and nothing for 7.x.

I feel like my Google-fu is failing me but I’m hoping someone can tell me what the current compatibility status is for the ElasticSearch Loader. Can we go to v6 or v7 of ES or do we need to stick to 5.6 to keep it working with the loader?

Thank you!

@avfletch, according to Elasticsearch Loader repo the latest version supported is 6.3.2.

@ihor - Thanks so much!

Do you know if there’s technical reasons it’s so far behind or is this merely an hours in the day problem?

Probably that :slight_smile:. Will check internally though.