Snowplow Mini 0.15.0 and 0.15.1 released

We’ve made two new releases of Snowplow Mini in quick succession and are announcing them together.

We’ve released 0.15.0 and 0.15.1. The only change between them is that in 0.15.1 we’ve bumped the version of stream enrich we’re using to 3.6.1, so that a bugfix from that release can be included in Mini. We recommend that you upgrade straight to 0.15.1.

Replacing Elasticsearch with Opensearch

Until 0.15.0, Snowplow data was loaded to Elasticsearch 6.x in the Mini. However, a licensing change in Elasticsearch prevented us from upgrading it to more recent versions. To make sure we stay up to date with important security fixes, we’ve decided to replace Elasticsearch with Opensearch. Also, Kibana is replaced with Opensearch Dashboards.

Opensearch is a fork of open source Elasticsearch 7.10. Therefore this change shouldn’t affect Mini users much. To minimize the impact further, we’ve tried to make as minimal a change as possible. In Mini, you can still access Opensearch with the /elasticsearch endpoint and Opensearch Dashboards with the /kibana endpoint.

The only breaking change this migration would bring is the removal of mapping types. Since this change was made in Elasticsearch 7.x, it is part of Opensearch too. For Mini users, it means that you don’t have to provide a mapping type in your search queries anymore when accessing your data in good or bad indices. For example, good events count can be found using the following endpoint in previous versions: /elasticsearch/good/good/_count. Starting with 0.15.0, it can be found using this endpoint: /elasticsearch/good/_count.

Version bumps

Several Snowplow applications are bumped to newer versions. Full list can be found in the release notes for each respective version linked above.

You can find out how to get the latest version of Snowplow Mini in the docs.

Setup guide for AWS: Setup Guide for AWS | Snowplow Documentation

Setup guide for GCP: Setup Guide for GCP | Snowplow Documentation