Snowplow 84 Steller's Sea Eagle released

We are very happy to announce the release of Snowplow R84 Steller’s Sea Eagle!

This release brings support for Elasticsearch 2.x to the Kinesis Elasticsearch Sink for both Transport and HTTP clients. As well as updates to the Stream Enrich and Scala Stream Collector applications.

As always, you can read more on our blog here:


Thanks guys for the great work! I hadn’t realised the previous version of the Elasticsearch Sink was not meant to be compatible with my ES 2.3 cluster and was experiencing some issues but it’s now all going very smoothly.
Got started just a couple of months ago with with the Snowplow Kinesis pipeline and very happy with it, looking forward to the future releases!


Hi Josh

Happy to see a release!
Few typos in the links for the zips in the blog post… see the names below


Hi @simplesteph,

Have fixed the download links, thanks for flagging!

I’m very pleased to see two of my feature being released. Happy me :wink: