Ecommerce tracking data not populating


The data is getting populated in the data layer, but is not getting populated in the snowplow tables.
My snowplow config for enhanced ecommerce is correct, what can be the other reason for the non pulation of data?

@Manav_Veer_Gulati, if you are certain the data is sent to the collector than the data might have failed validation during the enrichment step. Depending on your pipeline setup you need to examine your bad data.


I checked but I’m not able to get that the dat type error is in which field

"line": "2019-06-25\t17:00:01\tTXL52-C1\t368\t62.156.2.18\tGET\\t/i\t200\t\tMozilla/5.0%2520(Macintosh;%2520Intel%2520Mac%2520OS%2520X%252010.10;%2520rv:67.0)%2520Gecko/20100101%2520Firefox/67.0\tstm=1561482005614&e=ue&\t-\tHit\tbzHYEGx946wIC2C3GEzlly5HbpARF0_LVlPYd0zz00Z9H--Vf0eUlw==\\thttps\t1664\t0.002\t-\tTLSv1.2\tECDHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256\tHit\tHTTP/2.0\t-\t-",
"errors": [
	"level": "error",
	"message": "error: instance type (integer) does not match any allowed primitive type (allowed: [\"string\"])\n    level: \"error\"\n    schema: {\"loadingURI\":\"#\",\"pointer\":\"/properties/id\"}\n    instance: {\"pointer\":\"/id\"}\n    domain: \"validation\"\n    keyword: \"type\"\n    found: \"integer\"\n    expected: [\"string\"]\n"
"failure_tstamp": "2019-06-25T17:33:01.053Z"


@Manav_Veer_Gulati, the error message indicates that string is expected in place of an integer for the id property. I believe it’s related to impressionFieldObject schema: The value you have is an integer 19315 whereas it should have been the string β€œ19315” instead.

Here’s an extract from your payload (you need to URL decode the raw event twice in your case to see it):

  "schema": "iglu:com.snowplowanalytics.snowplow/contexts/jsonschema/1-0-0",
  "data": [
      "schema": "",
      "data": {
        "id": 19315,
        "name": "SAMSUNG GQ55Q80RGTXZG QLED TV",
        "list": "seoProducts",
        "position": 8,
        "price": 958.8,
        "currency": "EUR"
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