trackAdImpression event is not Enriched

Hi ,
my sample code of trackAdImpression
snowplow(‘trackAdImpression:’ + rnd,
‘67965967893’, // impressionId
‘cpm’, // costModel - ‘cpa’, ‘cpc’, or ‘cpm’
5.5, // cost’, // targetUrl
‘23’, // bannerId
‘7’, // zoneId
‘201’, // advertiserId
‘12’ // campaignId

event is triggered but that event getting error in enrichment.

Error is: “failure”:{“timestamp”:“2021-06-04T10:19:26.298278Z”,“messages”:[{“schemaKey”:“iglu:com.snowplowanalytics.snowplow/ad_impression/jsonschema/1-0-0”,“error”:{“error”:“ValidationError”,“dataReports”:[{“message”:"$: should have a minimum of 1 properties",“path”:"$",“keyword”:“minProperties”,“targets”:[“1”]}]}}]}

Hi @Lalit_Kumar
What version of the JS Tracker are you using? This code sample looks ok for v2, but it wouldn’t work with v3 due to the changed API.

Hi @PaulBoocock Thanks for the prompt reply. yes i am using V3

but I have checked it is working with V2

For v3, you’ll want to follow this documentation

@PaulBoocock Thank you so much