Data type error expected string, getting integer

I’m getting this error in enriched data -

instance: {\"pointer\":\"/id\"}\n domain: \"validation\"\n keyword: \"type\"\n found: \"integer\"\n expected: [\"string\"]\n"}],"failure_tstamp":"2019-05-04T17:15:42.051Z"}

Using snowplow over GTM, does this mean the page view id received is ‘integer’ but snowplow accepts string.

@Manav_Veer_Gulati, there’s a mismatch in the data you collect and the corresponding JSON schema. What event this error is related to? Is it a custom event or Snowplow-authored?

The error indicates that the value of id property is expected to be an integer but it is a string in actuality (in your payload).

@ihor its in the bad enriched file logs.

@Manav_Veer_Gulati, sure, I understand it. You would need to examine your bad data to figure that out. Get the content of line property in the bad data, have it base64 decoded and find the event containing id property.


{"line":"2018-09-24\t15:09:34\tFRA53-C1\t944\t62.96.78.154\tGET\\t/i\t307\t-\tMozilla/5.0%2520(Windows%2520NT%25206.1;%2520Win64;%2520x64)%2520AppleWebKit/537.36%2520(KHTML,%2520like%2520Gecko)%2520Chrome/69.0.3497.100%2520Safari/537.36\t-\t-\tMiss\tTgJEClFJE1gLT8fgZa0LzjFUfXOXrNs108PKs-nDu8pLXqq3dqaD3w==\\thttp\t438\t0.200\t-\t-\t-\tMiss\tHTTP/1.1\t-\t-","errors":[{"level":"error","message":"Querystring is empty: no raw event to process"}],"failure_tstamp":"2018-09-28T14:13:13.575Z"}

It’s already decoded. But doesn’t give information about the event
I hope you can help me with it.

Are you sure this is the right payload? There are no query parameters so there’s no event to process for that URL.

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@Manav_Veer_Gulati, as @mike suggested the sample you provided is not the initial error you were concerned about. You wanted to know about the error

instance: {\"pointer\":\"/id\"}\n domain: \"validation\"\n keyword: \"type\"\n found: \"integer\"\n expected: [\"string\"]\n"}],"failure_tstamp":"2019-05-04T17:15:42.051Z"

However, now you provided the bad event with the error

"message":"Querystring is empty: no raw event to process"}],"failure_tstamp":"2018-09-28T14:13:13.575Z"

Those are 2 different bad events. The latter sample is an indication of a non-Snowplow event, hence, the message “no raw event to process”. Also, note the timestamp, the events are 8 months apart.

Looks like you provided the sample in Missing a table for data modelling step.