Not seeing Enhanced Ecommerce events in Redshift

Hi ,

I am currently using snowplow version 75 with Javascript Tracker version 2.6.0. I am able to enrich the Ecommerce events but could not find any ecommerce events in the shredded/good folder in the corresponding ecomm folder. The shredded/good bucket had only two folder structure-

There was no folder for ecommerce schema , Although the ETl job has successfully completed. I am just not able to think what steps I would have missed which caused this. Could you please help me on this.

Shilpi Singh

Hi Shilpi,

If you’re using the standard Snowplow transaction tracking tags you should find your transaction and transaction item data in the table: the details of the fields are given here.

Is that what you were after? Or have I misunderstood the question?

Hi Yali,

I am using Enhanced Ecommerce tracking tags. So I was expecting inserts in the corresponding table such as:

But there was no addition in the above table. For Ecomm tracking events , I was expecting a folder in shredded good for ehanced ecomm events but didnt find any after successful completion of ETL job

Hi Shilpi,

Two things to check:

  1. Your bad rows. If you’re passing arguements of to the enhanced ecommerce methods that are the wrong type, for example, that will cause the events to fail validation. This will be apparent if you look in the bad rows
  2. Your tracker implementation. The most likely explanation is that there’s an issue in the Javascript that means the data is not sent into the rest of the Snowplow pipeline. Can you share how you’ve implemented enhanced ecommerce? Can you share a website where the tags are live? Or any details about your enhanced ecommerce implementation.

Hi Yali,

Sorry for the late reply. I have checked there is no data in the bad rows . rce

I have used the code:
UDM._udmd([‘addEnhancedEcommerceActionContext’,orderID,storeName,orderTotal,orderTax,orderShipping,‘coupon’,‘list’,‘10’,‘opt’,’ ']);
UDM._udmd([‘trackEnhancedEcommerceAction’, ‘purchase’]);

UDM._udmd([‘trackEnhancedEcommerceAction’, ‘purchase’]);

Now the issue is :When passing any values in the argument for currency code , In debug mode I could see that the value for currency code is getting overridden by the custom context value. So the method
addEnhancedEcommerceActionContext is receiving the value as shown below for the argument bz:

The method addEnhancedEcommerceActionContext of sp.js is overriding the last argument value to custom context …


Ignore the above mail , got the issue why the value was getting overridden . My bad :frowning:

Shilpi Singh

Hi Shilpi - would you mind sharing what the issue was and how you resolved it so that anyone else with the same difficulty can find a solution quickly?



Sorry for the late reply…the issue was that I had included a method in JavaScript tracker to append custom context at the end of arguments list which was getting called and was overriding the value of currency . So it was an issue from my side :frowning: