Actual action not in Redshift when calling trackEnhancedEcommerceAction


I’m implementing ecommerce using the code below:

  'Euromaid WM7 7kg Front Load Washing Machine',
  'Top Sellers',
// .. etc


However, the action (add, view, etc.) doesn’t seem to come into Redshift. I run the below query and ‘add’ is not returned…

select ga.*, e.* 
from com_google_analytics_enhanced_ecommerce_impression_field_object_1 ga 
inner join e on ga.root_id=e.event_id

Can anyone advise where I might be able to find it? Everything else comes through fine (price, brand, etc.)


It looks like that method of the Javascript tracker adds data into the com_google_analytics_enhanced_ecommerce_action_1 table so you’ll also want to join on this.

trackEnhancedEcommerceAction: function (action, context, tstamp) {

        schema: '',
        data: {
            action: action
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Legend!! That’s it!