Configuring log level of snowplow gcp components


I have a snowplow pipeline set up on GCP (Collector, Enricher, BQLoader, Mutator, Repeater, GCS Loaders). Is there a way to set the log level of all these components? There is a huge influx of logs from the components.

Thank you.

Hi @siv,
thanks for reaching out.

We mostly use slf4j-simple ( to handle the logging.

For enrich, Big Query loader, mutator, repeater and GCS loader you should be able to set the logging levels by adding -Dorg.slf4j.simpleLogger.defaultLogLevel={YOUR_DESIRED_LOG_LEVEL} to JAVA_OPTS environment variable.

For collector, which is based upon another application stack you will need to edit your configuration (application.conf) and set akka.loglevel={YOUR_DESIRED_LOG_LEVEL}. After restart the settings should be picked up and you should stop seeing debug logs.