Unable to disable new info logging in collector 2.9.0


We have updated our collector to the latest release 2.9.0. Since the upgrade we have notice a new info logging “INFO com.snowplowanalytics.snowplow.collectors.scalastream.sinks.GooglePubSubSink - Writing 1 records to PubSub topic good” on our collector containers.

Since this will produce a lot of logs (~40 mil of events / day) we want to remove these kind of logs (Info). We have in our collector config “loglevel = WARNING” and I expect to exclude those info logging on our collector containers.

Is this something that it’s going to be fixed in the next minor releases?


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Hi @Daniel_Darescu ,

Indeed in the latest release we’ve updated the log level for this line from debug to info to be consistent with Kinesis collector.

If you’re talking about this line, this is only the log level for Akka framework, used by the collector under the hood, but it doesn’t affect “Snowplow” lines, which have to be configured with this JAVA option when running the container (to be put in JDK_JAVA_OPTIONS env var):


If you want to keep the log level info but use warn only for GooglePubSubSink, you’d need to put



Hi @BenB ,

Thank you for helping me!