Components are being removed from GCP?


I’m trying to setup snowplow stack on GCP, but look like there is only Collector is available on GCP and I see that GCP Module was removed from 3-Enrich. The question is, does Snowplow support GCP?


Snowplow does support GCP. It isn’t intuitive from looking at the repo itself but in the 3-enrich folder the GCP enricher is labelled as ‘Beam Enrich’ which runs on Dataflow / Apache Beam.

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@mike beat me to it - I’ll just add this link to the setup guide which might make it easier to follow. :slight_smile:

Thank for reply,

Set it up, it work with Beam enrich instead of Stream Enrich. And how is the 4-Storage?is it support Big Query now?or I have to export from pubsub to big query manually?Thank you