Snowplow Enrich 1.4.0 released

We’re tremendously excited to announce version 1.4.0 of Snowplow Enrich. This release features a new enrich asset - Enrich FS2 (codename New Horizons), multiple bug fixes for various edge cases, major dependencies update and updated YAUAA context.

Enrich FS2

Enrich FS2 is a new experimental enrich asset for GCP pipeline. Much like Stream Enrich and (recently released BQ Stream Loader) it runs without any distributed computing frameworks such as Beam or Spark and can be used as a cheap alternative for Dataflow job.

Among its other features an automatic enrich assets update - it can periodically check if MaxMind, IAB or referer parser DBs have updated in background and if they did it will automatically reinitalise enrichments to use newer assets. You can find out how to run Enrich FS2 on our docs website.


Apart from FS2 Enrich, this release also bring many internal updates into Beam and Stream Enrich including bugfixes in PII and API Request Enrichments (see CHANGEOG for details).


There’s no special steps apart from bumping the version to 1.4.0.