Snowplow Enrich 1.3.0 released

We’re tremendously happy to announce Snowplow Enrich 1.3.0. This is a first release of enrich assets from their new home, as we announced in a recent blog post.

Apart from very subtle build and organization changes, this release also brings several important bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed ClassCastExceptions, happening in Beam Enrich (#278)
  • JDK11 support (#252)
  • IPv6 support for IAB enrichment (#262 and #282)
  • Enable IP Lookup Enrichment for IPv6 with port number (#284)
  • Re-introduced JS enrichment in Beam Enrich (#138)
  • Maximum record size got reduced to 6900000 bytes (#287)
  • Metrics are optional and planned to be deprecated in favor of better solution (one can disble them with --metrics=false flag) (#285)
  • Scio for Beam and KCL for Stream Enrich are updated (#277)

Since this release, all enrich assets: Beam Enrich, all implementations of Stream Enrich and Snowplow Common Enrich (a Scala library) will share the same version, 1.3.0 in this case.