LOGLEVEL on enrich and S3 Loader

I see that I can adjust the log level in the collector config for akka to a couple of settings but I’d also like to reduce the amount of logging the enrich and s3 loader processes provide. I’ve heard mention of an environment variable that will do this but I haven’t seen an example to be able to get this to work. I’d really just like to log at the ERROR level. Thanks.

Hey @Michael_Smith,

To do that you need to pass a JAVA_OPTS variable when you launch the JAR file:


If you are using the Docker containers you would add that string to the JAVA_OPTS environment variable that gets passed to the container.

Note: Older containers we produced use SP_JAVA_OPTS instead in case the env var doesn’t work as expected.

You can also use that env var to configure any other JVM options you might want to configure.

Hope this helps!