C++ Tracker On Linux

Hi there,

I work for an organization that is currently attempting to develop a proof of concept for Snowplow. We want to do a Server Side implementation first, which is an older Linux server running C++. However, we have noticed, that based on previous posts by Snowplow and Github Documentation, that C++ is currently only supported on Windows and Mac.

Has anyone had experience using Snowplow C++ Tracker on Linux? Is it possible? What works/doesn’t work, or were/are there any workarounds that make this possible?

The team working on the tracker implementation has minimal time to devote to this project for the next several months, however, I was hoping that we would be able to at least get a simple Proof of Concept running so that I can begin evaluating the overall solution, including the Data coming through and how it can fit into my company’s workflow. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



There’s a few things that would need to be ported over for Linux support - I think this issue sums up what those details are.


Hey @tjh34 - Mike is right, that’s the issue that sums up the gap analysis for C++ tracking on Unix.

Although this ticket is assigned to v0.2.0, there’s no work planned on this release at this time.

Thanks for the responses. I believe we may have a workaround solution anyway.