Android tracker v6.0.3 released

This patch release fixes two bugs.

The tracker will no longer crash if the app has a low version of the optional dependency InstallReferrer.

We’ve also added a new configuration flag, useContextResourcesScreenResolution, to fetch the default screen resolution - for the dvce_screenwidth and dvce_screenheight event properties - using a newer method.

NB: the dvce_screenwidth and dvce_screenheight screen resolution values will be different when this flag is turned on.

val networkConfig = NetworkConfiguration("https://endpoint")
val subjectConfig = SubjectConfiguration().useContextResourcesScreenResolution(true)


When the flag is false (default), the default resolution is fetched using a deprecated method (WindowManager). This can cause StrictMode Violations under certain conditions. Newer methods of obtaining screen size don’t include the menu bar.

The mobile context entity is not affected by the flag, as it already uses the newer Android API to obtain the screen resolution.

Bug fixes

  • Add Subject config flag to avoid WindowManager bug (#657)
  • Catch more generic exceptions for InstallReferrer (#647)

Snowplow Android Tracker version 6.0.3 is available on Maven Central .
The project’s source code can be found here .

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