Snowplow Android Tracker version 2.1.0 release

We are pleased to announce the release of our Android Tracker version 2.1.0.

This version comes with a number of minor fixes and important new feature: remote configuration.
We will gradually improve the remote configuration of the tracker in the upcoming version but this first version of the remote configuration already allow to configure the fundamental aspects of the tracker: TrackerConfiguration, NetworkConfiguration, SubjectConfiguration and SessionConfiguration.
You can find more information in the upcoming blog post where we will present the feature with more details and examples.

Among the fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that prevent a SelfDescribing event created with the v1 API to set the trueTimestamp field.)
  • Fixed an issue that blocked the sending of automatic events when the tracker doesn’t have programmatic events to send first.



  • Add remote configuration (#452)
  • Fix missing base64encoding in remote config (#454)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix trueTimestamp not set by SelfDescribing builder (#451)
  • Fix screenView autotracking unable to send events (#455)

Snowplow Android Tracker version 2.1.0 is available on Maven Central.
The project’s source code can be found here.