Snowplow Android and iOS Tracker version 5.1.0 released

We are pleased to announce the release of the Snowplow Android and iOS trackers, version 5.1.0.

This minor release extends the platform context entity tracked in events with new information:

  • isPortrait – whether the device orientation is portrait (either upright or upside down).
  • resolution – Screen resolution in pixels.
  • scale – Scale factor used to convert logical coordinates to device coordinates of the screen.
  • language – System language currently used on the device (ISO 639)
  • appSetId – Android vendor ID scoped to the set of apps published under the same Google Play developer account
  • appSetIdScope – Scope of the appSetId

It also makes it configurable which properties should be tracked in the platform context entity using the TrackerConfiguration.platformContextEntities configuration.


  • Track new properties in platform context version 1-0-3 and make it configurable which properties to track (#598 and #771)

Bug fixes (iOS tracker)

  • Fix remote config negative hash bug (#775)
  • Fix memory leak when tracker is fetched in remote configuration (#776)

Snowplow Android Tracker version 5.1.0 is available on Maven Central .
The project’s source code can be found here .

Snowplow iOS Tracker version 5.1.0 is available on Cocoapods.
The project’s source code can be found here.