- Open source reverse-ETL

Hi Community,

We had run a gaming company and had been founding engineers of an event-streaming company and I am an extensive user of snowplow. Wrote a piece here - The centricity of the user, his model, and his traits.

Today, we are launching to complete the modern data pipe end-to-end with snowplow and reverse-ETL - all open source.

We have built the open-source reverse-ETL platform. You can quickly check out a live demo sync by following the link on the GitHub page .

Please try it out and leave a star on github.

Most interestingly, we are full-on with dbt package for our source connectors. We are making dbt our centerpiece for all data transformations that happen in source connectors and audience segments (which we will soon build).

We are seeking feedback on the product. We have outlined a variety of use cases currently supports on the blog.

The connectors are built using the airbyte protocol, and dagster is used as the orchestration engine. We will soon provide a detailed architecture diagram.

We are currently working on essential features such as injecting state on connector failures. More upcoming features are listed on the website:

Please give it a try, and valuable feedback from early adopters will shape the product.

Demo sync -


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