Introducing Sauna, our new decisioning and response platform

It’s not every day that we get to announce an all-new category of software product here at Snowplow: we are hugely excited to be releasing version 0.1.0 of Sauna, our new open-source decisioning and response platform:

If Snowplow is all about consolidating event streams from many sources into a event warehouse in Redshift, then Sauna is its complement: once you have the output of your analysis in Redshift, you can use Sauna to automatically pipe that data into Optimizely or SendGrid; a variety of integrations with other systems will be added to Sauna in due course.

Sauna is a very young open-source project in a very new software category - please do have a read of the blog post and let us know your thoughts and feedback in this thread!



I saw this new product from you guys and I find it great.

I work on a similar product, but it is not open source. I believe that will be possible for us to contribute with some part of Sauna roadmap. Do you have a public roadmap?

As we are based in Brazil probably our best contributions are helping to put Brazillian players on the pipeline of the product. We are partners of the biggest brazillian SMS brokers, and we have a huge plan to use Sparkpost too, I saw that you guys have already implemented an Sendgrid (am I correct?) then maybe we can contribute with Sparkpost integration.

The only thing that make me a little bit apprehensive is the focus. We are more focused in transactional integrations instead of batch integrations. But if this is inside your plan will be a real match.

I really want to move forward with this conversation, I have a small team working with me but we are all 100% focused on integrations.

Sorry for the English and let’s talk more about this matter!

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Sounds exciting @winstonjr! Have DMed you to follow up.

We are super interested in further integrations such as Sparkpost, and are very willing to work with the community to help you ship these integrations.

Yes, we started with some batch-oriented actions but we fully plan real-time (what you call transactional?) actions, powered by Kafka and Kinesis.