Snowplow Mini 0.4.0 released

We are pleased to announce the release of Snowplow Mini 0.4.0:

Huge thanks to @aldemirenes, our former intern, for working on this release which brings NSQ to Snowplow Mini as well as a lot of new Control Plane features!


Does this support this redshift guide? I’m trying to get this working now.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @prodigy - unfortunately not; Snowplow Mini still doesn’t support loading into Postgres or Redshift. That wiki page is an artifact from the original hackathon which created Snowplow Mini.

I am going to delete that page to prevent confusion; if anybody is interested in what it said, it’s here:

  1. Setup Redshift

Most Snowplow users will want to load their event-level data into Redshift. To do this, you’ll need to:

Create a bucket on S3 for Snowplow-mini
Setup a Redshift cluster
Create a set of user credentials for Snowplow mini
Create the required Snowplow tables. Please ensure that all the tables are owned by the user created in step (3) e.g. ALTER TABLE my_new_table OWNER TO my_new_user;
Add the IP of Snowplow-mini to your Redshift whitelist
Enter the required details (AWS access key, secret key, redshift host, port, database name, username, password and schema name) via the setup bash script

Once you have setup Redshift, try sending some additional data to Snowplow-mini, and then inspect the data in Redshift. We recommend starting with the table.

If you want to load into Redshift, you will need to setup a full Snowplow AWS batch pipeline at this time.

Any change on this? Setting up Snowplow Mini 0.6 and need data in a database? Thanks for any insight on how to proceed? Postgres is fine! Even on same server?