Snowplow-Mini SaaS

I have a question regarding Snowplow-Mini 0.6

I would like to build a prototype SaaS (software as a service) using Snowplow-Mini.

Is there anyway to get the data into a relational database?

I saw there was a Red Shift Loader, but that it might not work for Snowplow-Mini?

So is there some code where we could just create a new database in the existing Postgres and put the data in there?

Where would I start?

The reason I ask, is that we can’t afford the full Snowplow funnel for our prototype, so we want to bootstrap with Snowplow-mini.

Thanks for any help on how we can use Snowplow-mini. For example, can we just push the data to S3? How would we do that?

Or, could our SaaS just query Elasticsearch? I don’t think that would be a long term solution tho? Seems best to put data in a relational database? But how?


The enriched data in mini is available from two places:

  • elasticsearch
  • the NSQ enriched topic

You can dump the contents of the NSQ topic to S3 using the Snowplow S3 loader.

From S3, you can shred the enriched events and load them into Redshift. However, those two steps are distributed processing jobs meant to run in EMR which might not be what you’re looking for.

Thanks for response.

So the Snowplow S3 loader works with Snowplow-Mini?

I’ve heard conflicting reports that there is NO way to get Snowplow-Mini data into a database…but you are suggesting this is actually possible.

Very helpful…I will dig down!

Thank you!!