Snowplow + Iteratively integration

Hey all, we’re huge fans of Snowplow Analytics and we’ve been working with the team on releasing an integration over the last few months.

Quick background, Iteratively helps teams collaborate to ship high-quality analytics faster without the bugs. We provide a visual schema registry for folks to define events & properties consistently and include a dev toolkit that simplifies instrumentation and QA. We integrate into CI/CD to fail that build (@stevecs :wink:) if we detect any issues. Our goal is to make analytics less of an afterthought and instead treated like a P1 feature.

Here is a quick video that describes the integration at a high-level:

  • We wrap the Snowplow trackers and provide a codegen’d SDK that exposes strongly-typed methods for all events and track them as Snowplow custom unstructured events (self-describing JSONs)
  • Our SDK abstracts away implementation details related to forming valid self-describing JSONs associated with appropriate schemas, contexts, etc. We expose a Scala Iglu Server-compatible API (to become an additional Iglu repository in Snowplow config)
  • Lastly, Iteratively exposes its registry to Iglu-compatible clients so no additional schema synchronization is required between Iteratively and Iglu

You can learn more about the integration or create an account at We’re keen for feedback and open to any suggestions on ways that we can improve the workflow for you and your team.


The Iteratively Team