Introducing JPlow

Hey Snowplowers, I’m pleased to announce the first release of a library I have been gradually assembling for working with Snowplow events and self-describing JSON objects in Java.

It’s very much a 0.1 release right now and covers a minimal set of functionality, but is complete and reliable enough to be useful, and is already used in production for several high volume applications.

Contributions and feedback very much welcome!


Thanks for sharing @acgray. This is awesome! Eventually for most of these features we will provide official (re-used libraries). Right now we already have Analaytics SDKs to work with enriched events (though API is not as type-safe as yours) and to work with Self-describing data we have Iglu core.

But anyway, this is a great project (and we don’t have almost anything to work with BadRows yet!)

Hi @acgray - many thanks for sharing this! Java support for working with Snowplow enriched events has been a much-requested feature for some time.

Great work on this!