Tracking iOS App Store install attribution with Snowplow

We already use Snowplow as the tracker on our web properties and are planning to use it to track events within a forthcoming iOS app. We are currently looking at install attribution solutions, and are wondering whether that is something that is possible to do via Snowplow as well?

The Mobile landing page on the web site suggests that Snowplow will let us:

Empower your marketing and product teams to drive adoption, fuel engagement and build more robust attribution models using best-in-class integrations with mobile marketing platforms.

…but what does this mean in real terms? How does Snowplow allow us to build attribution models? If you can point me to some documentation or other information, I’d be grateful.

Hey @dspreadbury

Snowplow has the ability to integrate with those attribution platforms you’re likely looking at, things like Branch, AppsFlyer, etc rather than directly being an attribution platform itself. The benefit here is that you can leverage the power of those platforms specifically built for mobile attribution but also send their event data stream into your Snowplow pipeline to sit the attribution information alongside your other Snowplow user event data, hopefully leading to a deeper understanding of the users journey.

Typically, you’d do this using the Snowplow Webhook which allows you to ingest data from third party services: Iglu Webhook - Snowplow Docs
You’ll want to investigate creating your own schemas for your particular platform of choice, which matches their webhook attribution events, there is nothing out of the box in the open source Iglu Central at the moment for these platforms although we’re certainly open to a PR.

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Thanks very much for taking the time to reply, Paul.

We’re talking to a few of the attribution providers, but it’s good to know we’re not missing an option that is directly within Snowplow’s capabilities.

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thanks, my issue has been fixed.