Snowplow vs AppsFlyer/Branch( For Mobile Apps)

Hi Team,

I need to learn something from your experiences
. My team is now stretching towards native mobile apps development, and we now need to start tracking pre-install and post-install events for marketing and behavioural analytics from apps stores and mobile devices.

We are evaluating a licensing with AppsFlyer and Branch. I am thinking if this is doable with Snowplow itself. I am not sure what other benefits will these paid licenses have.

Can you please share your thoughts around this?

Thank you.

Snowplow is not a drop-in replacement for a mobile measurement platform like Appsflyer/Branch. In particular, we do not implement any of the SKAdNetwork functionality around tracking anonymised post-install conversions.

Having said that, the mobile attribution landscape has changed significantly (especially on iOS since 14.5) and it is much harder to link an individual logged-in user on your mobile app to a pre-install campaign impression, without their explicit consent.

What we can do (reasonably well) is the following:

  • Cross-platform identity stitching for logged-in users via our unified model
  • Cross-platform identity stitching for anonymous users who go from web to mobile via unified model
  • [Android-only] Track the install referrer entity with information about the referrer URL that led to the install of the app
  • [coming soon] Share a session ID and device ID for users going from web to mobile, note that this will be post-install only and rely on deeplinks

So you can get a lot of the value of an MMP from Snowplow, but won’t be able to track anonymised conversions. Hope this helps!