Tracker Collector Enricher upgrade dependencies

I have to preface this question stating that I fall in the category of data modelers & consumers, not engineer.

To my understanding, the tracker, collector and enricher work well independent of another, but I’d like to confirm their (in)dependencies regarding upgrades for a better understanding. Considering the scenario that we have very outdated tracker, collector and enricher (pre-R98), would there be any breaking risks if the tracker and collector are upgraded to the latest versions but the enricher is not?

In the release notes I have read that none of the tracker releases have any breaking changes, but there may be some deprecated features that have to be taken into account, but would like to have that verified. I wasn’t able to find anything in the docs or discourse regarding collector and enricher dependencies, so any advice here would be greatly appreciated!

Probably not - but if you know the exact versions of the trackers / collectors / enrich you are using we can likely flag any issues that you might be running into.

Hi @mike, thanks!

Scala Collector 0.11
Scala Enricher 0.12
JS Tracker 2.8.2

You should be able to bump this to the latest version of 2.x without any issues. The recent beta v3 introduces some breaking changes - so don’t flick over to this quite yet!

There are no breaking changes here, but you’ll likely need to update your configuration file with whatever values you’d like to use for new functionality.

Again, not much should break here but you’ll need to update the configuration file. You can find a partial changelog of these changes since your version here - this repo has since been migrated to a unified enrich repo here: GitHub - snowplow/enrich: Snowplow Enrichment jobs and library

Thanks so much!

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