Compatibility matrix for older collectors (e.g. scala 0.9.0)


I’ve found this Latest compatibility matrix - Snowplow Docs which is helpful to see what collectors and trackers match well together.

Unfortunately, we are running an older collector (scala 0.9.0 Metamorphosis). It’s currently paired with Android 1.7.1 and iOS 1.7.0 Trackers.

I was wondering if there are breaking changes if we would want to upgrade our Trackers to the 2.x or 3.x series (while continuing the use of the 0.9.0 collector)? Did anything change in the data format that is being sent over?

They should still be compatible. The trackers all conform to tp2 requests and if you’re using 1.7 of the mobile trackers then you’ll be find to upgrade to 2.x and 3.x releases.

There are a few changes in the trackers themselves however, you can find migration guides here: