StatsD metric in Snowplow collector 2.6.0

Good afternoon! Specify the value of each StatsD metric in Snowplow collector 2.6.0. I would like to understand how they can be used. I didn’t find it anywhere in the documentation.
We use the statsd exporter for prometheus and find these metrics, but what they mean is not entirely clear:


Hi @Edward_Kim,
Here’s a complete list of metrics we track with stream-collector since 2.6.0:

requests requests_count
requests active requests_active
requests failures requests_failures_count
requests size requests_bytes
responses responses_count
responses errors responses_errors_count
responses duration responses_duration
responses size responses_bytes
connections connections_count
connections active connections_active

Now, on the meaning of the strings in braces:
StatsD protocol allows us to set tags on metrics to provide more context, therefore metric with {method="GET"} measures a GET-only subset of what its top-level metric covers. Similarly combining both method and status tags means we’re narrowing even further to only cover GET and 2xx statuses.

Hope this clarifies things a bit of you.


Requests and responses from where and where? I do not understand the essence of the metric itself :frowning:

This are basically the collector incoming requests. The metric allows you to monitor collector for distribution of requests. A sudden spike in 500s is something to worry about. Similarly with response duration or when number of requests and responses start to significantly differ.

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Thanks for the answers :+1:

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