Monitoring using prometheus

What are the monitoring options available for snowplow. We had seen configurations to enable prometheus endpoint but the line below says that it is deprecated.
collector.prometheusMetrics.enabled (deprecated since 2.6.0 )
Since we have used prometheus for monitoring in our EKS, this would be our first choice. Is there a reason for it to be removed? Are there any alternatives

Hi @Shalini_Balakrishnan - we faced the same issue, so we changed to the following config:

      monitoring.metrics.statsd {
        enabled = true
        hostname = localhost
        port = 9125
        period = "10 seconds"
        prefix = "snowplow.collector"

seems to cover most of the same metrics.

I’m not sure exactly why it was removed (probably consistency, internal interop) but statsd will replace these and should have the equivalent metrics as well as greater coverage across the Snowplow components. If you are using EKS with a Cloudwatch agent on the machine you should be able to emit metrics to this and Cloudwatch should pick them up and you can use them for alarms, dashboards etc.